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Mokoro riding, Okavango Delta – Botswana

A Brief History of
Expert Class Travel

In the Beginning:

Expert Class Travel started life in October 2017, as small home based travel agency in Melbourne’s South East suburbs.

Selling Air Tickets, few cruises and some accommodation, we specialised in the Northern Lights and South Pacific.

As time went on, we soon realized it was time to spread our wings, and we started the formations of what Expert Class Travel is today.


The Not So Distant Past:

Just as we were starting to find our footings, we joined Australia’s largest buying group, giving you, our customers access to some of the best deals and airfares in the market.

2020 saw the world change with the COVID-19 pandemic starting to take hold.

Expert Class Travel saw this as an opportunity to continue its evolution and became IATA Accredited along with being a full agency member of the Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA). Through these partnerships we can leverage and broker great deals.


Today and into the Future:

With COVID-19 now behind us, we are Internationally Accredited, and we have a very strong relationship with our suppliers and partners, which means, YOUR Travel Investment is done, with you being at the centre of the holiday you want, not what other travel agents think you want.

Whether you are going Around the Corner, or Around the World, contact us Day or Night and see why we have a big heart

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